The wineries:

Pagis: The heart of our farm is located in the “Pitzol” area, which gives the name to our farm. On the gentle southern slope with a very plane ground on about 450 meters above sea level our Merlot thrives.


Torggl: Between San Paolo and San Michele, the hearty Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc), the full-bodied Chardonnay and the fragrant Gewürztraminer grow.”>torggl

Eggleiten: The care of the vines involves a lot of manual labour. The slope falls steeply into the valley Warthtal. On silty and sandy glacial moraine a particularly salty Ruländer (Pinot Grigio) and a strong Chardonnay thrive.


Planitzing: An excursion to Caldaro will take you to another of our wineries. Planitzing is characterized by a particularly airy and excellent location. Here, a very sophisticated wine matures: our Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir) newly planted in 2013.


Vineyard tour and wine tasting

During an informative tour through our vineyards you will learn everything worth knowing about vine varieties, growing and harvesting techniques. In the following wine tasting in the wine cellar you will be able to fully enjoy the fine wines and discover a secret or two . The charming heated cellar room with kitchen is available to our guests at any time.

Vineyard tour and wine tasting